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Is this App sufficient to pass the foundation exam or do I need anything else?

This App is 100% sufficient to pass the test. You should read the official TOGAF documentation to understand the topic though. Since I received  many requests for printable material I created the mindmap and the puzzle book

Why do I have to pay for every device seperately?

Maintaining the software for 4 different operating systems takes a lot of effort and maintenance. But there are package deals available so you can save money. Just check the shop.

What is the puzzle book all about?

Studies have shown that people learn much faster and intensively when the topic is wrapped into a game. So I put all the questions into crossword puzzles. This combines fun and study and helps to memorize the material much easier.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes of course, you can download the software from the official stores of your device (links above).  To try or download one of the puzzles you can go here.

I already bought a license, can I upgrade to the multiple device package?

You can make a donation with the difference amount (button below). You need to send me an email from inside the app of the first device and another one from the second one so I can verify your purchase.

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